Hard contact lenses that reshape your cornea at night provide an alternative to traditional daytime contact lenses and glasses, giving you great vision 24/7.

Orthokeratology is a revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive, safe and reversible treatment to gently reshape the cornea (front surface of your eye). New state-of-the-art developments in night wear contact lenses will modify or eliminate myopia (short sightedness), the need for reading glasses (presbyopia), hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea) while you sleep.

With Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho K or Corneal Refractive Therapy) you safely achieve clear, lasting, comfortable vision after removal of the lenses and throughout the day, without glasses or daytime contact lenses.

The technique of modern Orthokeratology is a safe and reversible alternative to refractive surgery. Ortho K can also halt the progression of short sightedness, especially in children and teenagers. This is known as ‘myopia control’ and is the only means of controlling myopia and has been repeatedly supported by rigorous and respected scientific research.

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