80% of what we learn is processed through our eyes. The information in our brains has to flow through particular pathways from our visual system to the learning centres of our brain to process various types of information. Information flow needs to be logical, which means it has to flow from one system to another in a smooth manner. Visual stress is part of the spectrum of dyslexia and affects our ability to process visual information.

We process different wavelengths of light through our perception of colour. Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and visible light is only a small part of this spectrum. Wavelengths such as that received by your radio, television and even what your microwave produces is part of the same spectrum of energy. Visual stress is where our visual system is not able to process some of these wavelengths (colours) properly and comfortably. The eyes are not able to ‘tune’ to clear some wavelengths making it like listening to a radio that has not been completely tuned properly. It’s important to note that this is not the same as colour blindness.

We help the visual system by placing special coloured filters in front of the eyes that block out the aberrant wavelengths causing this disruption. Diagnosis is with our Intuitive Colorimeter.